9 Apr 2020

The Coronavirus Pandemic has shut down all meetings in England, but our Cubs are still meeting! How so? Using online video conferencing – not ideal, but at least the kids can see, chat and be silly with their friends.
Last week was our first meeting and chatted and got the kids to suggest things that we can do online. Rachel produced a quiz, which wend down well, even though question 7 did not exist!
This week we did a 10 object Kim’s Game where each time 1 object was removed and they …

11 Jan 2020

Our first hike of the year; get the Cubs out walking and take the Scouts out to prepare for the Brow Hike. It should have been an easy walk, one we have done many times in the past. The Cubs were to run around on the moor top while the Scouts did some map & compass work, but due to the weather this didn’t happen.
It was a bit windy in Sowerby Bridge, but blowing a howling gale on Norland Moor; too cold to sit around for lunch so we pressed …

30 Nov 2019

An annual event for the Cubs:

Catch a train to Halifax (at 7 minutes its both quicker and cheaper than the bus), walk up to the bowling alley, an hours bowling, feed and catch the train back. Watch a couple movies, bed, breakfast, church parade in the morning, then home.

6 Oct 2019

The challenge – each team of Cubs was given £6 and told to get as many items on the list as they could Lidl supermarket just across from the church. Each team had an adult to guide and advise and we supplied the bucket and bleach, and made up what they failed to get. As can be expected it was bedlam – 18 kids charging round the supermarket, talking loudly!
The teams had to choose what to buy and get as much as they can, add up the cost to see …

21 Jun 2019

We took the Cubs away for a weekend of mid-summer madness on the weekend containing the longest day. Two nights were spent in tents at the Bradley Wood campsite. On the Friday evening we went on a short hike and played lots of games.
On the Saturday the Cubs did Archery and wiggled through tight spaces on the cave bus, climbed on the high ropes built dens and, played in the woods. After tea and a visit to the tuck shop the Cubs all went to the campfire and sang lots …

20 May 2019

A couple of years ago I issued a challenge to our Cubs – walk 10 miles in one day – the “Big Ten”. I had every confidence that they could all do this, but to make it easier we organised a circular walk around Norland Moor, with each circuit being 2½ miles long. This way, if any needed to drop out they could do so at the end of a circuit and we would never be more than a mile from the base. Here we are, two years later and …

15 Dec 2018

We have just added a photo gallery of old photos of our group from the 1930s up to the 1990s. More will be added later.
Please go to

15 Oct 2016

Saturday was Jamboree on the Air (JOTA) where Scouts thought the world talk to each other by Amateur Radio. Last year we had our own event at Steep Lane Chapel, but this year we joined Halifax Scouts on their event at Hebden Hey, run by Calderdale Raynet. We met at Sowerby Bridge and caught the train to Hebden Bridge and walked the 2½ miles to Hebden Hey, via the park of course where the Cubs spent a happy half hour playing. This is an annual event for us and a …

18 May 2016

Tonight was planned by the Yellow Six and they decided that we go down to the woods to build shelters. Each six was tasked with the job of building their own shelter to hold just two Cubs.
This one I judged to be the best, built by the Green Six, it might be a bit on the small side and very cramped for two, but they had managed to get a some leaves on to form a roof – something that no other team managed to do. This one was built …

4 May 2016

On a warm sunny evening there is no better place than being ouside. Just a short walk from St Paul’s gets us to the playing fields and woods at Dixie Woods. Tonight’s meeting was planned and carried out by Cubs from the Green Six – run around in the woods playing hide and seek – and cooking s’mores.
For those of you who don’t know what s’mores are, they are sweet and delicious – not sure where they originated from, but I first came across them when I was in the …