23 Feb 2019

Six cubs and their parents have just helped raising funds for Marie Curie at out local supermarket. Together with a few leaders they managed to raise £332.61.
Well done!

15 Feb 2019

The Scouts enjoyed a fun packed weekend at Bradley Wood Scout Campsite, where they pitched their tents in cool February.   Activities included archery, shooting, climbing,  zip wire, the fabulous cave bus and infamous troggart hunt.

Next we’re training for the Brow Hike.

10 Feb 2019

With the annual Brow Hike just 7 weeks away, we thought we ought to check out parts of the route, and what better way than another afternoon hike?
The day was sunny with no wind and we let St Paul’s and walked down the canal to Copley. The sky went black and the un-forecast rain started and we took shelter in St Stephens’s church at Copley. The Cubs spent 10 minutes exploring this now unused building until the rain stopped and the sun came out once more.
A stiff walk up the …

20 Jan 2019

First hike of the year, a simple, but interesting walk with good views, not that Cubs would notice being too content talking continuously to their friends! One of my favourite short walks.
From Sowerby Bridge a steep climb up the road to Scar Head and then an even steeper climb up a foot path brought us out close to the Hobbit – its steep, but now we are at the top! A short bit of road leads to a lovely mainly level path that heads off up the valley to …

15 Dec 2018

We have just added a photo gallery of old photos of our group from the 1930s up to the 1990s. More will be added later.
Please go to

1 Dec 2018

Our annual Christmas party weekend started off with a problem – there was a train strike. When we planned the event the strike was supposed to finish the previous weekend, but… Luckily we managed to borrow a minibus, but had to do 2 trips to ferry the 23 Cubs and leaders into Halifax (and back!)
First stop was the bowling alley where we played for an hour, then to McDonalds via the Piece Hall. When we were well fed, ice cream and all, then it was back to St Paul’s. One …

23 Apr 2017

Just an afternoon stroll for the Cubs. A walk up Hollas Lane from Sowerby Bridge and then onto Norland Moor via Pickwood Scar. The kids were busy chatting while I was busy puffing and panting!
Time to play on the park for half an hour before we made our way back down the hill via the old Blue Ball pub (now closed and private dwellings). We like this way down because its fast and safe, with only two minor roads to cross. If there is no livestock in the field, the …

15 Oct 2016

Saturday was Jamboree on the Air (JOTA) where Scouts thought the world talk to each other by Amateur Radio. Last year we had our own event at Steep Lane Chapel, but this year we joined Halifax Scouts on their event at Hebden Hey, run by Calderdale Raynet. We met at Sowerby Bridge and caught the train to Hebden Bridge and walked the 2½ miles to Hebden Hey, via the park of course where the Cubs spent a happy half hour playing. This is an annual event for us and a …

18 May 2016

Tonight was planned by the Yellow Six and they decided that we go down to the woods to build shelters. Each six was tasked with the job of building their own shelter to hold just two Cubs.
This one I judged to be the best, built by the Green Six, it might be a bit on the small side and very cramped for two, but they had managed to get a some leaves on to form a roof – something that no other team managed to do. This one was built …

4 May 2016

On a warm sunny evening there is no better place than being ouside. Just a short walk from St Paul’s gets us to the playing fields and woods at Dixie Woods. Tonight’s meeting was planned and carried out by Cubs from the Green Six – run around in the woods playing hide and seek – and cooking s’mores.
For those of you who don’t know what s’mores are, they are sweet and delicious – not sure where they originated from, but I first came across them when I was in the …