15 Dec 2018

We have just added a photo gallery of old photos of our group from the 1930s up to the 1990s. More will be added later.
Please go to https://the24th.org.uk/history/photo-gallery/

15 Oct 2017

Forthcoming Event
The 85th Scout & Guide Anniversary parade will be held on Sunday, 15th October, with an afternoon event for past Scouts & Guides.
A parade will start from Walton Street at 5.30pm, with a service and renewing of promises at St Paul’s Church, Tower Hill at 6.00pm
All current and past Scouts & Guides, parents and others are invited to attend.

18 Oct 2015

If you can light a fire with soggy matches
While standing in a steady stream of rain,
And see it fizzle out before it catches,
And hold your tongue, and light the thing again;
If you can fix a brew for all your brothers
When they are in their blankets, warm and dry,
And rather you get wet than all the others,
And laugh when you are tired enough to cry;
If you can tie a knot that never fails you,
And trust it, if the worst comes to the worst,
To save your life when nothing else awaits you,
But …

8 Sep 2013

On Sunday 8th September at the monthly parade service at St Paul’s, the Mayor of Calderdale, Councillor Ann Martin, presented the Duke of Edinburgh Gold Award to one of our Explorer Scouts and young leader, Clair Taylor.
Clair has had to do many things to get this award including a four day expedition on foot in “wild country” and a residential stay away from home working on a project with people that she doesn’t know. Another thing she had to do was 18 months of voluntary work, for this she chose …