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Harvest Challenge

6 October 2019

The challenge – each team of Cubs was given £6 and told to get as many items on the list as they could Lidl supermarket just across from the church. Each team had an adult to guide and advise and we supplied the bucket and bleach, and made up what they failed to get. As can be expected it was bedlam – 18 kids charging round the supermarket, talking loudly!

The teams had to choose what to buy and get as much as they can, add up the cost to see if they could afford it, and probably choose cheaper options.

No one got everything; all got 10 or 11 items , one team spent £5.82, another £5.96 and the third couldn’t get it below £6.04, but I think they all did very well. The buckets were presented, along with many others, at the Harvest Festival at st Paul’s and passed onto Happy Days a few days later.