The Cubs section is for boys and girls aged 8 – 10½ years.

We currently have a membership of 22 (Feb 2020) and room for a few more.

We are an active pack and seek to provide each Cub with the chance to work towards badges of their choice. Each Cub has the opportunity to go on a minimum of 5 hikes each year and 5 nights away experiences, some of which will be in tents. For further information please contact either

  • Rachel Key (Cub Scout Leader) on 07725 011762
  • Malcolm Street (Asst Cub Scout Leader) on 07923 441523

Or use the Contact Form

Rachel Key is a former Cub, Scout, Explorer and Young Leader at St Paul’s before becoming Assistant Cub Scout Leader in 2010 and finally to Cub Scout Leader a couple of years later.

Malcolm Street is a former Scout Leader with 43rd Sowerby St Peter’s and on closure of that group in 2000 moved down to St Paul’s as Assistant Scout Leader. After taking over as Scout Leader for few years (Rachel was one of his Scouts) he moved to take over as Cub Scout Leader when Michael & Brenda Dillon retired in 2006. A few years ago Malcolm & Rachel “swapped places” to put the younger person in charge.

Click here for information on Cub Badge requirements

Tie 3 sticks together and light a candle 3m away

Some recent activities on pack nights:

  • Problem solving – candles
  • First Aid
  • What do you need for a hike?
  • Ninja Balls
  • Crafts
  • Spot the flavour
  • Chinese New Year
  • Signalling
  • Observation


Some of the things we do…


A few regular things coming up..

  • May – Jamboree on the Trail – a day, or sometimes 2 day, hike.
  • June – Summer Camp
  • October – Jamboree on the Air – communicating by radio

with various hikes and nights away in between.