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Another Day Hike

14 March 2016
Another Day Hike - Lunch at Foster Clough Delphs

Lunch at Foster Clough Delphs

Another day hike, somewhere different this time, I love walking along the Ryburn valley and over Norland, but sometimes a change is in order.

Today we caught the train to Mytholmroyd, the next stop up the line. There is a nice footpath that leads up the hill from the Banksfields estate, its steep, but short and an easy way up the hill. Halfway up we disturbed haft a dozen deer that ran across the fields, much to the Cubs delight.

Further up the hill we met the local footpaths officer who was delighted to see us all out walking. A short further climb brought us to Foster Clough Delph’s where we sat down for lunch, putting an end to the question we had been saying no to since we got off the train – “is it dinner time yet?”

Another Day Hike - Coming down from the moorAfter lunch we negotiated the very wet path over the moor past Churn Milk Joan, the Cubs played army along the line of grouse butts here. Dropping down the hill brought us eventually to Jerusalem Farm where some wanted the toilets – but they were in pieces and surrounded by a high metal fence.

Dropping down further to Goitside and along the path to Luddenden village, the down the road to the “Foot”. Here we spent half an hour in the park before walking back to Sowerby Bridge along the canal towpath.

Total distance walked – just over 7 miles with 1200 feet of climbing – people say that kids can’t walk this far, but ours can and love it – there is always a cheer when I announce a hike!