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First Hike of 2020

11 January 2020

Our first hike of the year; get the Cubs out walking and take the Scouts out to prepare for the Brow Hike. It should have been an easy walk, one we have done many times in the past. The Cubs were to run around on the moor top while the Scouts did some map & compass work, but due to the weather this didn’t happen.

It was a bit windy in Sowerby Bridge, but blowing a howling gale on Norland Moor; too cold to sit around for lunch so we pressed on looking for some shelter for our lunch. The old bus shelter by the Moorcock Inn is a good place, but with 15 Cubs & 6 Scouts we wouldn’t all fit in. The wind was blowing from the front left, so we were constantly blown backwards & sideways – very tiring.

We finished up sheltering at Rachel’s parents house on the moor top, but even out of the wind it was still cold. After a quick lunch we set off with the sole aim of getting out of the wind. Descending Highlee Lane brought us to the old railway track which is usually a good walk, but with all the rain we have had it was wall to wall bogs. A rather soggy trudge brought us back to St Paul’s, tired.