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St George’s Day 2016

24 April 2016

St George's Day ParadeA St George’s Day parade, planned and performed jointly this year by members of the Scout & Guide groups at St Paul’s. The day started with a parade from Walton Street, along Town Hall Street and then up to St Paul’s.

In the church the young people performed a sketch of the legend of St George and the Dragon, a humorous one written by one of the Scout Leaders.

St George's DayWho was St George? He was a young Christian man from a noble Christian family. After his parents died when he was still a young man, he decided to offer himself to the Roman emperor to be soldier in his army, like his dad was. The emperor was delighted to have his as George’s father had been one of his best officers. George progressed swiftly through the ranks until he was an officer.

Some time later the emperor decreed that all his officers had to reject the Christian faith and worship Roman gods. George not only refused, but spoke out against it. The emperor was very sad and tried to get George to comply by offering money, land and slaves, to no avail. George was horribly tortured and executed on 23rd April 303. When he died, George was less than 30 years old, probably 24-28 years.

St George's Day parade St George's Day parade