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Mid-summer Madness Camp 2019

21 June 2019

High Ropes
4 Cubs climb the pole, stand on the small platform at the top (25 feet up), hold hands and lean out – not for the timid!

We took the Cubs away for a weekend of mid-summer madness on the weekend containing the longest day. Two nights were spent in tents at the Bradley Wood campsite. On the Friday evening we went on a short hike and played lots of games.

On the Saturday the Cubs did Archery and wiggled through tight spaces on the cave bus, climbed on the high ropes built dens and, played in the woods. After tea and a visit to the tuck shop the Cubs all went to the campfire and sang lots of songs. A wide game in the dark, toasting marshmallows & twists and eating smores rounded off a long day.

On Sunday morning, while some of the leaders started to strike camp, the Cubs spent a couple of hours crate stacking.

This year, as usual,  we camped at the far end of the woods and there was a large expanse of woodland within sight of the tents that allowed the Cubs to play their own games.

At the end of the camp badges were awarded to those who had camped for the first time, indeed some Cubs had never spent a night away from home before!