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Lockdown but still meeting!

9 April 2020

The Coronavirus Pandemic has shut down all meetings in England, but our Cubs are still meeting! How so? Using online video conferencing – not ideal, but at least the kids can see, chat and be silly with their friends.

Last week was our first meeting and chatted and got the kids to suggest things that we can do online. Rachel produced a quiz, which wend down well, even though question 7 did not exist!

This week we did a 10 object Kim’s Game where each time 1 object was removed and they had to write down what was removed.

We meet for an hour, which is long enough, and if we have a good activity the time passes quickly. I have discovered a very useful button – it “Mute All” – silence. We could do with one of these when we meet in person!

We have loads of activities planned for the coming weeks, doesn’t matter that its Easter Holidays, we cannot go anywhere.