AGM 2016

29 June 2016

Up to a few years ago our annual general meeting was a very low key affair with just leaders present. We always invited parents, but few rarely came.

In a packed meeting tonight…

Now the meetings are packed with parents and church members; how did we do it? The Cubs & Beavers meetings on AGM night are cancelled and the meeting starts at that time; parents who would normally drop their kids off stay, as they would have to come back in an hour anyway. The business part is very quick; the accounts are presented and the Group Scout Leader gives a brief report.

This year our district commissioner came down to present long service awards of 5 years to two leaders, and 20 years to another one.

…our District Commissioner presents long service awards

Refreshments are served and the young people from each section demonstrate a skill, craft or activity as parents wander around.