24 Apr 2016

A St George’s Day parade, planned and performed jointly this year by members of the Scout & Guide groups at St Paul’s. The day started with a parade from Walton Street, along Town Hall Street and then up to St Paul’s.
In the church the young people performed a sketch of the legend of St George and the Dragon, a humorous one written by one of the Scout Leaders.
Who was St George? He was a young Christian man from a noble Christian family. After his parents died when he was still …

14 Mar 2016

Another day hike, somewhere different this time, I love walking along the Ryburn valley and over Norland, but sometimes a change is in order.
Today we caught the train to Mytholmroyd, the next stop up the line. There is a nice footpath that leads up the hill from the Banksfields estate, its steep, but short and an easy way up the hill. Halfway up we disturbed haft a dozen deer that ran across the fields, much to the Cubs delight.
Further up the hill we met the local footpaths officer who was …

9 Jan 2016

Due to the forecast heavy rain on the day and the recent devastating floods in Sowerby Bridge, this events was postponed until Saturday 9th January 2016.
Early Saturday morning –  many parents are getting in touch to see if the event is still going ahead as some weather forecasts gave torrential rain all day and even at 9.30am, an hour before we are scheduled to meet, its still raining stair rods with a very black sky. The BBC forecast, which I find to be pretty accurate says that by 11am the …

18 Oct 2015

If you can light a fire with soggy matches
While standing in a steady stream of rain,
And see it fizzle out before it catches,
And hold your tongue, and light the thing again;
If you can fix a brew for all your brothers
When they are in their blankets, warm and dry,
And rather you get wet than all the others,
And laugh when you are tired enough to cry;
If you can tie a knot that never fails you,
And trust it, if the worst comes to the worst,
To save your life when nothing else awaits you,
But …