2020 Hike

It is with great sadness that the Brow Hike team have decided to postpone this year’s event until September in light of the current situation regarding Covid19.

We are utterly disappointed but feel that this is our only responsible course of action. After listening to national and local advice, as well as awaiting advice from the Scout Association, we decided to make the decision to postpone the hike rather than it being made for us in the next week.

A number or reasons have supported us in coming to this conclusion:

  • The hike runs solely on volunteers and we cannot ensure that we will have enough support to run the event safely on the day.
  • We are concerned with regards to the current supermarket hype that we cannot obtain enough hand wash and sanitiser to ensure that heightened hygiene measures are met. We worry that teams will struggle to get the required sanitiser on the kit list. We also worry that teams will struggle to get adequate personal food for the weekend.
  • The hike starts and finishes at St Paul’s Methodist Church who are monitoring the spread of Covid19 and are suspending all non-essential meetings at the church.
  • Worries from parents about not wanting their child to attend the hike because of the Covid19 risk ultimately could have cancelled the hike for us. Without enough children, in teams of 4, there would be no hike.

After much thought, discussion and consideration about the above points, our only conclusion is to postpone the hike.

Next steps:

  • All team bookings will be honoured, including the entrants who turn 16 between now and the September event.
  • Bookings will continue to stay open until the end of August for any new teams. We currently have space for 11 more teams.
  • Entry fees will be kept for the September event unless groups would prefer a refund. In this case, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

We are planning the next event for 19th/20th September but please get in touch if this clashes with any others events and we will try look at alternative dates.

Thank you for your understanding on this matter and we will see you in September.

Rachel Dawson,
Hike Control.



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